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Treatments For Women

Therapy to support Fertility, Pregnancy Massage, Breech Birth & SPD

Adrianna offers therapy to support women in reconnecting with their wombs and sense of self through touch and Women's Wellness Yoga. She offers opportunities to: heal surgical scars, release trauma from birth & pregnancy loss, move foetuses in to more comfortable positions in the uterus, engage breech birth babies to prevent caesarean and help with SPD. Adrianna believes women are nurturing energy fountains that make possible a healthy earth, her work with women aims to help those to reconnect with their bodies as a number one priority in order to create a healthy system.

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The Ancient Art of Womblifting

Using the beautiful ancient Thai practise of Womb Lifting Adrianna works with accupressure lines on the legs, hips and back to stimulate uterine contractions and create physical and energetic shifts

She uses this technique, which is similar to the Mayan Arvigo massage and Chi Nei Tsang, to heal her own long standing uterine inflamation with healthy results

Usually requiring 2.5hrs this treatment can help heal reproductory, urinary and digestive maladies

Adrianna would advise a concentrated period of healing over a short amount of time

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Pregnancy Massage

Whilst pregnant mothers become accutely aware of their bodies whether in discomfort or pleasure during this delicate time, their need for an extra bit of care and attention can help relieve any anxiety, feelings of overwhelm or physical strain

Adrianna uses a combination of massage techniques for women carrying foetuses to alleviate them from pelvic discomfort and back pain, and allow them the opportunity to focus on looking after their own beings in a devoted way

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Pelvic Diaphragm Release - Repositioning Foetuses

Using the gentle but powerful technique of Myofascial Release Adrianna can help to alleviate mothers in discomfort from foetuses that are distressingly or uncomfortably positioned

She may also help to avoid caesareans by providing an opportunity of a breech baby to turn and engage by working with the fascial system

Foetuses may move during treatments which may take up to an hour or can often reposition after treatmnent once the fascial tissue has returned to a healthy and hydrated state

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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Once extended during pregnancy and birth the complex pelvic bones often do not return to their pre pregnancy state which can lead to discomfort, pain and physical debilitation

Adrianna provides treatment for pre and post partum circumstances and may help restore the pubic symphysis and pelvis using myofascial release therapy to a correctly aligned state

A concentrated number of treatments over a short amount of time would be an ideal way to treat this malady