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Treatments for Everyone

Therapy to support Ailment, Injury, Trauma & Surgery

Adrianna offers hands on support for a variety of ailments & maladies. Whether one is suffering from issues such as stress, birth trauma, RSI or migraines Adrianna is able to use a combination of techniques in her treatment sessions. Hover on the images for further information on modalities.

Myofascial Release Therapy
Myofascial Release
A physical therapy focusing on the soft, connective & continuous web of tissue around the body (Fascia). An incredibly powerful therapy which helps to eleviate physical tension, emotional constrictions & tissue imbalances. By feeling & stretching in to the fascial network Adrianna is able to identify physical traumas within the body and facilitate the discharge of energy manifested by trauma & reinstate the natural health of the fascial system.
Marlow Swedish all over body Massage
Swedish Massage
Consisting of movements including effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction & vibration and encompassing the bending & stretching of joints, this massage stimulates muscles & encourages blood flow which promotes lymphatic drainage of metabolic waste. It is exceptional for increasing the level of blood oxygen, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation & increasing flexibility whilst easing tension.
Marlow Womb Abdomen Stomach Digestive Fertility Massage polycystic ovary syndrome
Abdominal Treatments
The abdominal treatments Adrianna provide make use of three different techniques including Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation & Accupresure. The treatments are able to support recovery from digestive, reproductory & urinary ailments. Illnesses can include IBS, indigestion, acid reflux, menorrhagia, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, fertility issues, bladder problems & general tightness/restriction in the abdomen.
Marlow Pregnancy and Pubic Massage symphysis pubis dysfunction breech baby
Pre & Post Partum
Massage during pregnancy may help eliviate insomnia, cramping, carpal tunnel pain, headaches, lower back pain & sinus congestion. Techniques are often slow, gentle & encourage lymph drainage. Adrianna is also trained in naturally engaging breech babies to facilitate movement to a comfortable birthing position. Using Myofascial Release she can offer support during SPD & help to readjust the pelvis to a state of relief after the trauma of birth.
Marlow Thai therapeutic Massage
Traditional Thai Massage
This practice aims to restore the body as a whole. The massage works with various parts of the body and can involve the manipulation of joints, the use of accupressure lines, isolating accupressure points and also stretches muscles. The treatment itself is slow, encourages healing, and envirgorates joints and muscles. The treatment allows for both the therapist and client to benefit from stretching and mobilisation.
Marlow Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage
Adrianna can incorporate this technique in to any of her treatments. Indian head massage releases stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles & joints of the head, face, neck & shoulders. It is based on the ayurvedic system of healing & works on both a physical & psychological level. This head & shoulders massage aims to rebalance energies & enhance a general feeling of relaxation.
mobile massage therapy marlow trauma

Treatment Rates

Specialist mobile practioner £60 - £120 per session. Therapies Available:

  • 1-2hr Myofascial Release Treatment
  • (PTSD, Migraines, TMJ, Teeth grinding, Neck Tensions, Emotional/Physical Trauma)

  • 1-2hrs Swedish Bodyworker Treatment
  • (Circulation, Metabolic Waste Release, Lymph Drainage)

  • 1.5-2hr Abdominal Treatment

    (Intestines, Stomach, Liver, Kidneys)

  • 0.5hr Indian Head Massage incorporated in to any treatment
  • (Nourishment, Balance, The Whole Body)

  • 0.5-1.5hr Thai Foot Reflexology
  • (Accupressure Points, Flexibility, Tension Release)

    Payment plan options available - buy five sessions with Adrianna and spread out the costs in a way that suits your life.

    mobile massage therapy marlow trauma

    The Way of Core Healing

  • Adrianna first aims to promote the mind-body connection in a safe environment to encourage people to reconnect to their own physical entity. Many people are disconnected from their bodies whether through dissociation earlier in life as a result of physical/emotional trauma, or through spending little time with their bodies 'being' and more time with their brains 'doing'.
  • Following this mind-body relationship Adrianna encourages a person to connect with their tension, connect with a locked emotion or an embedded physical sensation, items that can cause a body to be in a state of stress which result in physical ailments.
  • Connecting to these suppressed sensations & imbalances leads to a release of trapped energy &chemical toxins. These releases facilitate positive changes, new & healthy sensations, a feeling or freedom in the physiology and psychology of the body.
  • Chemical releases can continue after treatment. Many people often feel tired or require more rest, and because of the increased mind-body connection during treatment, one is more willing to follow what it is their body's are telling them and take to rest more easily. Changes can be subtle or striking, these are both powerful journeys and one must be careful of making comparisons to the journey's of others. Openness, willingness and awareness are key foundations to one's own healing journey within the unique story of self.
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